Training of Trainers Program “Parliamentary Research”

The Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC) hosted the “Regional Training of Trainers Program”, an online workshop conducted from 30 November to 4 December 2020, delivered in cooperation with the University of Sussex Department of Education. The participants were staff from ASEAN Inter-parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) Member Parliaments, including Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand, who had previously completed PIC training programs.

The five-day training featured the introduction of instructional design theories and models, flipped learning, peer feedback, and a range of activities and group discussions through an E-learning digital platform. The main objectives of the training were to improve the quality of individual and institutional pedagogic skills, and to examine the challenges and opportunities of training design. Participants were asked to reflect upon what they learned as they begin their first draft of a curriculum plan that will include teaching, learning and assessment strategies.

This virtual training workshop mainly focused on the professional knowledge needed by parliamentary research trainers and strategies for planning and designing a research methods curriculum. Other topics included teaching strategies and education technology, successful assessment for learning, effective feedback and the development of inclusive values and approaches in all pedagogic activities.

The program ended with a final question and answer session, which provided an opportunity for participants to reflect on the value of inclusive education, the challenges associated with feedback and gender mainstreaming, and to compare various pedagogic approaches and activities for their curriculum plans.

The participants will complete their draft of a training curriculum plan this month for review and feedback from the University of Sussex.