Closing and Certificate Handover Ceremony of the Second Intake of the Training of Trainers on Parliamentary Research (ToTPPR) 2023-2024

On April 11, 2024, PCAsia celebrated the dedication and enthusiastic engagement of participating parliamentary staff in completing the Training of Trainers Programme on Parliamentary Research (ToTPPR). Offered from December 4, 2023, to April 11, 2024, this hybrid training programme, spanning six phases, was held in both Lao PDR and Cambodia. It aimed to enhance the research capabilities and pedagogy skills of parliamentary staff from PCAsia MoU partners, including Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Thailand. Eighteen trainees participated, including eight women.

The ToTPPR training, delivered face-to-face in both Cambodia and Lao PDR, had two aims.  The first was to provide trainees with the methodological knowledge and skills necessary to generate a research concept note and a research briefing note with fact-based, impartial information for decision-making. It also sought to empower them with a foundational understanding of gender equality and environmental sustainability. Secondly, the training aimed to equip participants with the pedagogical expertise to design a comprehensive training portfolio and to deliver effective parliamentary research training to their parliamentary colleagues in their respective national languages.  

During the ceremony held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Mr SO Sovannarith, Supervisor of Quality Control and Technical Support, lauded the success and the dedication of all trainees who submitted briefing notes on Parliament’s role in fostering connectivity and inclusive growth and learning a detailed portfolio. He commended the fruitful collaboration between PCAsia and the University of Sussex in England, expressing deep gratitude to Prof. Simon THOMPSON and Mr Tab BETTS for their invaluable contributions, which empowered trainees to apply their skills effectively in their future training endeavors. Mr. SO Sovannarith emphasised the trainees’ commitment to enhancing their parliamentary research skills to support colleagues in crafting accurate and balanced briefing notes. He concluded by expressing his heartfelt appreciation for the participants’ time, diligence, and active involvement, laying the groundwork for the professional network growth of PCAsia alumni through shared commitment and collaboration.

Following the session, representatives from Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand conveyed their heartfelt appreciation for the programme, extending their gratitude to the esteemed experts from the University of Sussex and the dedicated facilitators from PCAsia. They shared personal narratives detailing their learning curves, adaptation processes, and notable improvements achieved during the training period. Next, they elaborated on how the programme had significantly contributed to their professional growth in terms of both training and research methodologies, emphasising the practical application of acquired skills, knowledge, techniques, and technology in their daily work. In addition, they underscored the warm camaraderie fostered among trainees, trainers, and supervisors, highlighting the significance of maintaining such networks to foster international collaboration.

Mr Mario Pandu DEWONO, Deputy Director of PCAsia, conveyed gratitude to all trainees on behalf of Executive Director Mr Dararith Kim Yeat. He also extended warm regards from PCAsia Management to the leaders of participating parliaments for their support, emphasizing the significance of the Training of Trainers programme for sustainable transformation. Mr DEWONO highlighted the collective effort to share acquired knowledge with colleagues and mentioned ongoing discussions within PCAsia about expanding training beyond Parliamentary Research to address other crucial subjects,  underscored the need for empowering institutions, with the Training of Trainers Programme serving as a vital component in this endeavour.