Re-advertisement Consultancy Opportunity: “Introduction to Health Governance” Specialised Trainer

PCAsia is seeking an active and motivated candidate to fill the position of Specialized Trainer of a high profile and dynamic organization.


The Parliamentary Centre of Asia (PCAsia), established in early 2021 in Phnom Penh, is the successor of the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia founded in 2011, a transition that reflects an expansion of activities with Parliaments across Southeast Asia and encouraged through an MoU and the Resolutions of the General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-parliamentary Assembly (AIPA). The mandate of PCAsia is therefore to contribute to the strengthening of Southeast Asian Parliaments through capacity building of their staff, based on the demands or requests of each parliament. It draws on the expertise of national, regional, and international partners (Parliaments and research centres).


The training of Parliamentary staff is at the core of PCAsia’s mission, and the Capacity Development (CD) department is responsible for carrying out the majority of this work. CD is responsible for curriculum and syllabus design for many training programmes, and its staff provides practical training and facilitation according to their respective expertise for most of the training programmes. With the transition to blended learning and learning by distance, CD staff increasingly play a facilitation role, working with external experts to design and deliver content suitable for digital platforms, then working with trainees to complete the related assignments.

Other responsibilities include mentoring and quality control of research products produced by the trained parliamentary researchers, and providing quality control technical advice with regards to newly-trained parliamentary staff members when back working in their institutions of provenance in applying their newly-acquired skills.


This training programme contributes to promoting transparent data and knowledge sharing among the parliaments in Southeast Asia. Motivated by the AIPA Resolution on “Creation of an Annual Consultative Working Group Co-facilitated by AIPA and PCAsia to Promote Transparent Data and Knowledge Sharing in Health Emergency Preparedness and Responses” adopted at the 43rd AIPA General Assembly, the programme will provide the staff of AIPA member parliaments with the principles of the state budgeting process and monitoring used to assess national impediment risks, particularly during health emergency responses. Participants will acquire the skills to produce reference information on programme costing analysis to assist parliamentarians in reviewing national finance and appropriations bills and making responsive budget legislation and policies. It is also intended to enhance parliamentary functions in oversight, monitoring, and representation, by providing information to support the decision-making process, leading to increased efficiency and accountability in dealing with impediments including corruption assessment, particularly during the time of COVID-19 and future health emergencies. 

The programme has selected a total of 13 participants from the parliaments of Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.


In order to undertake this task with high quality and relevance, the FACT programme needs a specialized trainer to provide a special lecture on “Introduction to Health Governance” to the programme participants. The role of the specialized trainer is to deliver a course on the Introduction to Health Governance aimed at providing the concepts/theories and framework on a country’s health system. In this training course, the background and the overview of health systems of various countries in the region in the context of health emergency responses will be provided. Knowledge from this course is fundamental for the participants to carry out an analysis of the health emergency preparedness and responses which is the focus of this training program. The trainer is required to provide in class training and evaluation of the trainee’s progress.

The objectives of the training are as follows:

  • To deliver a training course that includes theoretical and practical concepts related to health system frameworks which is applicable in a global, regional and country context
  • To share knowledge on health systems and health governance of various countries in the region especially during emergency responses
  • To enable the trainees to apply concepts on common health system frameworks for practical research/report writing, and presentations


The specialized trainer is expected to:

  • Design the detailed course syllabus/curriculum/schedule on​ Introduction to Health Governance; adjusted for the ASEAN context
  • Deliver the training course on Introduction to Health Governance and administer the training for effective learning, adopting a varied, interactive and practical approach
  • Produce training materials including practical exercises and country-cases to meet the identified needs of the trainees,
  • Develop assessment tools and in-class evaluation (quiz, Pre- and Post-test) to monitor and assess the training progress
  • Produce a final evaluation report after completing the course including identified challenges and lessons learnt, and provide recommendations for future improvement
  • Collaborate constructively with the FACT programme team to ensure the training is effective.


  • Training duration: 15 hours, from May to July 2023 (training sessions- 3 days per week, 3-hours per session).
  • Training delivery: face-to-face sessions at PCAsia training facility in Phnom Penh (online sessions may be included when necessary)


The outputs to be produced from the training are:

  • Course syllabus, course outlines and schedule on the subject of Introduction to Health Governance to meet the above objectives
  • Results of the progress of the trainees using the assessment tools, class monitoring and evaluations
  • Training materials (including lectures/slide presentations, practical exercises, case-studies)
  • A list of reading materials to support the training (textbooks, data sources, additional reading materials, glossary)
  • Training delivery within the suggested timeframe
  • Final report of the training including assessment of the trainees’ progress, challenges that arose in the training and recommendations for future improvement. 



  • A Master degree or higher in Public Health, Health Governance or related fields. PhD is preferable
  • A minimum of five years of experiences in providing training/lectures and/or conducting research on Public Health and Health Governance or related fields
  • Proven experience in designing and administering training courses, developing training materials and assessing progress of students
  • Strong understanding of country health systems and health emergency responses, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, in different member states of ASEAN
  • Strong spoken and written English proficiency.


Interested applicants should send a cover letter and CV to [email protected]  with “Specialised Trainer: Introduction to Heath Governance” for the PCAsia in the subject line and indicate the fee expectation in the email message. The application deadline is opened until the position is filled. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.