Call for proposal to deliver training on Public Policy Communication

Terms of Reference Expert on Policy Communication

“The Parliamentary Centre of Asia (PCAsia) is seeking an expert to deliver training on public policy communication to parliamentary staff.”

Parliamentary Centre of Asia

The Parliamentary Centre of Asia (PCAsia), established in early 2021 in Phnom Penh, is the successor of the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC) founded in 2011, a transition that reflects an expansion of activities with Parliaments across Southeast Asia, and encouraged through an MoU with the ASEAN Inter-parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) and the adoption of resolutions by AIPA’s General Assembly. The mandate of PCAsia is therefore to contribute to the strengthening of Southeast Asian Parliaments through capacity building of their staff, based on the demands or requests of each Parliament. It draws on the expertise of national, regional, and international partners (Parliaments and research centres).

Description of services

PCAsia is seeking to identify a well experienced instructor who has expertise in Using Behaviour Insights for Effective Policy Communication to deliver a training on “Public Policy Communication”. 

The training aims to provide the parliamentary trainees with the conceptual foundation and practical knowledge in using behavioral insights to assist MP to communicate policies effectively to AIPA member counterparts and to the public. The training will contribute to enabling and encouraging parliamentary staff and policy makers to consider applying behavioural insights to the formal rules and practices that govern the work of public institutions

The target participants

Parliamentary trainees who support the preparation of communication materials on proposed policies of each committee of AIPA and support institutional communication of those policies from the AIPA General Assembly to the public.

Training approach

  • Participatory: Proactive trainee engagement during the sessions
  • Learning by doing: Select most interested topics to the Parliament for practical exercise.

Main responsibilities and tasks

  • Design the survey form to identify the pre-existing knowledge and skill of the target trainees.
  • Prepare customized course syllabi.
  • Prepare practical and contextualized lessons for each day.
  • Prepare lesson plan.
  • Design practical and contextualized exercises/assignments by ensuring that trainees will be given enough time to put the theories and knowledge into practice according the objective of each day and of the course.
  • Design tools to measure concrete outputs / progress of each trainees with evidence based and valid indicators.
  • Design feedback questions to use at the end of the training and feedback questions to monitor the outcomes / application of knowledge and skills.
  • Record all training data to indicate the progress over the training period.
  • Deliver a training course on “Public Policy Communication”.
  • Draft checklist to ensure the public policy communication method and techniques are complied at work.

Delivery timeframe and mode

  • Delivery timeframe: 22-26 August 2022
  • Training mode: Online

Expected Deliverables/Outputs

  • Result of pre-existing knowledge and skill
  • Production of the training syllabus
  • Plan and conduct Practical and contextualized lessons
  • Design and conduct Practical and contextualized exercises/assignments
  • Design Monitoring and assessment tools to follow up the progress and the meet of training objectives
  • Survey questions to monitor the application of knowledge with quality improvement to be used after the training
  • Trainees acquire knowledge and skills as expected in the training objectives
  • Checklist to help ensuring the outcome / application of methods and techniques from the training
  • Training report about the situation and progress of the training, including training data

Required qualifications, skills and experience


  • PhD in any social science disciplines
  • Expertise in policy communication and analysis
  • At least 10-year experiences in providing policy advice to Cambodian Parliament
  • Proven qualified experiences in deliver various training relevant to policy analysis and communication
  • Strong knowledge of Cambodian Parliamentary system
  • Fluent in Khmer
  • Good English proficiency
  • Good interpersonal skills

Application Information

Interested training consultant should submit CVs for quality and reference check by 30 June 2022 to [email protected] with the subject “Application for Delivering of Public Policy Communication Training” and expected fee. The two- stage application process will consist of a shortlist and interview(s). Only shortlisted and selected candidate will be notified.